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Eviction Services:  
(Cases filed in Magistrate Court of the following counties: Rockdale, Newton, DeKalb, Fulton, Gwinnett and Clayton)

Includes sending a demand letter, filing a dispossessory warrant, one court appearance and monitoring of the case throughout.  If more than one tenant signed the lease, there is a $25 fee for each additional defendant. 

To get started,
  1. Complete the eviction form below and have your signature notarized
  2. Fax or e-mail with a copy of the most recent lease
  3. Make your payment below. 
 complete the eviction form below

Eviction Warrant $325.00            Eviction Form

Additional Defendant:  For each additional tenant who signed the lease

Additional Defendant  $25.00

Writ of possession:  Once a judgment has been issued by the Court and the tenant refuses to obey, a writ of possession must be filed to order the Sheriff or Marshall of the County to forceably remove the tenant and their possessions.  This process is only necessary if the tenant disobeys the Court's order to pay or move by the deadline.

**DeKalb County**: $100 (choose quantity of 2 for $100 total)

**Consent Judgment**: $100 (choose quantity of 2 for $100 total). Only available after filing.

Writ of Possession  $50.00

Tenant Screening:  Applicants are thoroughly pre-screened to analyze each person's Equifax credit report (complete with Beacon Score and public records: bankruptcies, judgments, tax liens, etc.). In addition, a gross monthly income-to-rent ratio of 3:1 is used as the industry qualifier, along with good rental references going back at least 1 year.

All for a $40.00 fee (usually paid by the applicants).  After evaluating the data, we will make a recommendation to you summarizing the risk associated with your applicant(s).  We'll also be happy to suggest additional measures you may take as a landlord to increase your security and reduce your risk when accepting a particular applicant.

Tenant Screening  $40.00 per applicant


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